Experience teaches things that can be learned in no other way.    

Help if you're able.

Plumbing is unforgiving but electrical kills.   

Parties are about telling the same old stories to different people. 

My problem with golf is there’s a gulf between my ability and what the game requires.    

Experience can be a cruel teacher.    

The only good thing about a mistake is you can learn from it.  

Being a parent is punishment for being a child.

Greatness, oddly, is sometimes accompanied by smallness. 

She must be smart, because everything she says seems to smart.

Television hit rock bottom in the 1950s, but then someone hauled out a jackhammer...

Clock hands spin like propellers when you're not looking.

Rejection by the establishment means the artist is doing everything right.

We're just balloons floating around in a world full of pins.

The truth never changes.

Honesty is hard to come by and not always welcome.

Memory can be painfully acute when it comes to things we regret we said or did.

Why are religion professionals down on drugs?  They don't like competition.