Tom G. Remembers
(From an e-mail he sent after reading the story.)
ŠTed Schaar 2009

Photographic intentions

"I was there and tried to take some pictures with my mother's Zeiss Contaflex equipped with a monocular telephoto lens.  If I recall correctly, I used Kodak tungsten balanced slide film, but the results were dark and blurred. 

"I also recall that my ticket cost $3.50.
"The concert was just before I began my freshman year, and the previous February, I had attended the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck with my parents.
German versions of hits

"While passing through Germany I bought two Beatles 45s on the Odeon label, one was, of course, The Beatles' recordings in German of 'Sie Lieb Dich' and 'Komm, Gib mir deine hand.'  I still have them, and they are playable."

Sleeve  Label

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